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The Builder Behind Rivella

The builder behind Treasure Coast Newest Waterfront Community

Posted on: January 23, 2019

An inventive builder finds unique ways to reduce their impact on the planet while allowing their residents to do the same. Just look at the work done by GroundStone Homes, their unique approach to constructing neighborhoods focuses on a concept of three pillars – Create, Live, Prosper. They use unconventional techniques, such as building upon neighborhoods that were left abandoned, along with establishing connections that allow resident to connect, both in work and with each other. Rivella in Port St. Lucie is one such example of a GroundStone home that best represents all of this. Using unique approaches to homebuilding, Rivella makes for great living. GroundStone Homes isn’t in the business of building – they’re working to forge connections in a rapidly changing world.


Florida’s landscape is covered with the shells of neighborhoods that began construction, but never finished. Instead of adding to those numbers, GroundStone Homes sought out the opportunity to build on areas with existing infrastructure. This serves a variety of benefits for residents, builders, and the planet. For example, existing architecture is more likely to be in an ideal location, closer to the amenities and services that residents and buyers want. Builders can save on time, energy, and costs when working on homes and other infrastructures that have already been made. But most importantly, the effect that the neighborhood has on the planet is drastically decreased. Built from a previously developed area, Rivella in Port St. Lucie finds itself near some of the area’s best amenities and activities, such as the St. Lucie River and The Sunrise Theatre. Best of all, utilizing older architecture means that builders can drastically lessen their ecological impact on the surrounding area while using less tools, time, and resources to do so.


How we live, where we live, and why we live in certain areas has changed drastically over the past thirty years. Within that time frame, we’ve invested more time and energy into finding an area that facilitates our needs and wants, and we look for homes that reduce their effect on the planet. That’s why everything from the telecommunications to the layout of a GroundStone home is made with the concept of connections in mind. Unique telecommunications make it easier to telecommute from home, cutting down on driving time, gas, and other precious resources.


The modern homeowner has vastly different needs than the homeowner of the last few decades. They’re looking for boutique homes in connected neighborhoods, with feature such as downtowns and wide open spaces where it’s easier to meet neighbors for an outdoor concert, get outside to run or enjoy the great weather, and to get what they want and need without having to travel far. Their home should be just as modern as they are, and completely able to suit their purposes. With that mindset, GroundStone Homes works to construct neighborhoods that can truly be lived in. Rivella again serves as a great example – builders are incorporating a unique neighborhood design that allows residents toget around with ease. This results in neighbors who are able to meet each other and become friends, healthier residents who find it easier to get out and get moving than ever, and a neighborhood that truly becomes a community.

Anyone can build a neighborhood, but it’s only by doing something truly different that you can stand out from the crowd and succeed. GroundStone Homes is the best example of that, thanks to their pioneering homebuilding techniques. From repurposing older structures to help protect the planet to designing a neighborhood with a modern mindset, they’re building forward thinking homes for forward thinking people. In South Florida, homebuyers will have a great opportunity to live in a home that’s unlike anything that the area can offer.

If you are thinking about making the move to a gated waterfront community, there are not many options left for a new construction home. One hidden gem you may want to check out is Rivella, coming soon to the Treasure Coast. This gated community by GroundStone Homes rests on the edge of the St. Lucie River where it comes together with the North Fork, offering residents easy access to all of the activities that come along with waterfront living – not to mention some stunning views. Community amenities include a pool and clubhouse, tennis, and walking trails meandering throughout the neighborhood, so residents can connect with nature. Your new home will be ideally located just a short drive to some of the area’s best golf, beaches and entertainment as well as dozens of historic sites, parks and museums where you’ll learn about the area’s rich history. 

Homes at Rivella will range in size from 2 to 6 bedrooms, and all homes will have either a preserve or estuary view. Select homesites are available directly on the river, some with an option for a private dock. Signature series homes start in the mid $300s, and Estate homes are priced from the mid $500s to over $1 million, with custom floorplan options. 

Visit RivellaFL.com to register for community updates and events in the coming months, including our model grand opening in spring 2019. We’ll send you a copy of our digital brochure highlighting our unique Florida waterfront lifestyle.

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